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Let Your Light Shine – Book #10

Let Your Light Shine by JoAnn Durgin
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From USA Today Bestselling Author, JoAnn Durgin, the beloved Lewis Legacy Series continues with a heartwarming, full-length novel for the Christmas season! Let Your Light Shine, Lewis Legacy 10, offers readers an intimate glimpse into the lives of two key TeamWork couples and their families in Texas, fifteen years after the fateful TeamWork Missions camp in San Antonio.


Sam and Lexa Lewis look forward to a quiet Christmas with their family in Houston. They’ve tackled many challenges together, but when their personal world is rocked by a potentially life-changing diagnosis, they arm themselves with prayer, knowledge, and the support of their closest family and friends.

In Austin, Josh Grant is settling well into his role as lieutenant governor while Winnie juggles expectations as the wife of an elected official along with professional demands and a busy homelife. Instead of the private family Christmas they’d anticipated, new revelations stir up old insecurities and threaten everything they’ve built together.

With developments that set the stage for the remaining two books in the series, Let Your Light Shine revisits the lives of the TeamWork family while delving into the deep bonds of love, family, and abiding friendship. A powerful and emotional read, and told with the author’s customary humor, the faith-filled pages of this latest installment of the Lewis Legacy Series remind us that while life doesn’t always go as planned, our trials and detours can often lead to the sweetest blessings of all from the  heavenly Father of lights.