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Dial Y for You’re the One
Dial Y for You're the One by author JoAnn Durgin

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Violet Simmons and Hayden Brooks dish out relationship advice like pros, but neither has a clue about being “in love.” Although they support one another as on-air personalities at Christian radio station KGOLD in Goldenrod, Missouri, behind the scenes, the tension between these two is as thick as the Arcadia Valley fog.

When the station owner proposes the “brilliant” idea of pairing them together with their dueling philosophies of love and relationships, Violet and Hayden reluctantly agree. After all, they both want to do their part in keeping the fledgling radio station afloat. Let the on-air sparring begin!

Can these two very different people agree to disagree, or will they discover they have more in common than they’d ever imagined? Join the fun in this unpredictable and romantic tale of finding love where you least expect it!




If You Believe
If You Believe by JoAnn Durgin

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If You Believe brings readers the story of Brendan and Edlynne. Can a man struggling with a terrible tragedy and a woman wounded by betrayal find love together?

In charming Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the shadows of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, firefighter/paramedic Brendan Williams barely has time for himself much less a social life. After his world was torn apart by a family tragedy, the only woman he sees on a regular basis is Mimi, his beloved grandmother. When he meets a beautiful cake baker/decorator on his delivery route, he wonders for the first time if she could be “the one.”

Edlynne (“Edie”) Harris begins her days in a bakery downtown before dashing off to her job as a ticket agent at Asheville Regional Airport. Besides her two jobs, she volunteers for a ministry benefitting displaced and abused women. Then a handsome new delivery driver at the bakery snags her attention. She’s been fooled before, and the last guy she dated a year ago stole more than her smile.

When Edie and Brendan independently enter a Valentine’s Day contest, they’re challenged to plan the “perfect date.” For personal and unselfish reasons, they’re both determined to win the cash prize, but if chosen as finalists, they’ll be pitted against one another. Will the competition sour their growing attraction for each other, or does God have another plan? When the Almighty’s involved, anything is possible!




Catching Serenity
Catching Serenity by JoAnn Durgin

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A woman torn apart by secrets.
A man held prisoner by the truth.
Can the greatest love of all
set them both free?

Serenity McClaren had it all before her life crumbled around her like the sand castles on her beloved beach, causing her to flee Croisette Shores and the only home she’d ever known. Nearly five years later and living in Atlanta, she receives a mysterious, unsigned note: Come home, Serenity. Things aren’t as they seem. Time to find your answers. Returning to South Carolina, she prepares to face her demons and the ailing father she left behind, hoping to make peace with both.

Child psychologist Jackson Ross is a man with a surprising past. He’s ready for the quiet life and eager to establish his practice in the quaint, coastal village. After he hires Serenity to decorate his new office, he’s drawn to the beautiful and enigmatic woman yet sees she’s haunted by a past she can’t escape. Wanting to help her, he begins to suspect one of his young patients may hold the key to unlocking Serenity’s secrets. Jackson follows his instincts and discovers the shocking truth, but how can he tell the woman he’s grown to love what he knows—and set her free—without compromising his professional ethics and losing her forever?

Catching Serenity, a poignant story of faith, hope and love, and discovering the everyday miracles from an all-powerful God.

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Echoes of Edinburgh
Echoes of Edinburgh by JoAnn DurginBuy Now To honor her dying father’s wishes, Chicago stockbroker Shelby Harmon promises to deliver a letter addressed to “Robert Nichols, Personal & Confidential.” Her quest to find Robert leads her to a most unlikely place: the Castlehill Gardens outside Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle. Who is this man and what is his connection to Harmony Lane, her family’s horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky? Robert’s friend, handsome and charismatic American Harrison Reed, offers to show Shelby the sights. As they explore the charming city together, they’re increasingly drawn to one another and dread their inevitable parting. Did she lose her heart in Edinburgh…or find her way home again?

Released September 2014



Perchance to Dream
Perchance to Dream by JoAnn Durgin

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Ellie Franklin has known Ryan Sullivan her entire life. As their Christmas wedding approaches, Ryan is expected home from his second deployment to Afghanistan. Excitement is in the air as Ellie prepares for his homecoming, and the citizens of Cade’s Corner, Ohio, anxiously await the wedding of their hometown sweethearts.

When an unforeseen event occurs, will Ellie’s plans be postponed or will they come to a screeching halt? With her faith and family to sustain her, as well as the support of an entire town, will this bride’s prayers for a holiday miracle be answered?

A heartwarming novel of unfailing love, family, never giving up hope, and claiming the precious promises of God. And, through it all, discovering a true Christmas miracle.

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Whisper to My Heart

Whisper to My Heart by JoAnn Durgin Buy Now

The unlikely romance between a concert pianist and a construction worker.

After a decade of touring the globe, Manhattan-based classical concert pianist Annalise Redmond needs a break. What’s a Juilliard-trained musician to do when she wants to live a “normal” life for six weeks?

Weston Galloway, a former firefighter and member of an Atlanta-based construction crew, is as much into soul-winning as building the new bank in little Darling, Georgia.

Anna’s barely been kissed. Weston’s not looking for love. When these two souls collide in small-town Americana, is their time together destined only to be a precious memory or will they listen to the whispers in their hearts and dare to dream of a future together?

Throw in Anna’s quirky sister and brother-in-law, Weston’s challenging coworker, spirited employees at The Darling Diner, and a cast of lively townsfolk, and you won’t want to miss this journey to Darling!

Whisper to My Heart. A contemporary Christian romance celebrating love, faith, community, and family.



The Valentine Verse

The Valentine Verse by JoAnn Durgin Buy Now

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for February 14th anymore! Love should be celebrated every day of the year. At least that’s Thornton Fielding’s philosophy. In spite of a few false starts in the arena of love, he holds out hope he’ll eventually find the woman of his dreams. The problem? He loves his job, and there’s no end in sight to his travels. But when Thornton returns to his tiny hometown of Cherish, Minnesota, he meets a beautiful and intriguing woman he believes might be God’s answer to ending his bachelor status—permanently.

Vara Alexandris is soured on love and scoffs at the notion of soulmates. But soon after meeting the handsome and unconventional Thornton, she suspects he might be exactly the ally she needs to help jump-start her stroke patient’s recovery. If only Vara can keep Thornton grounded in Cherish long enough. This man who spouts romanticized and idealistic ideas about love seems all too eager to resume his world travels. Could it be Thornton prefers globetrotting in order to avoid a romantic relationship?

Is it time for Vara to call the dreamer’s bluff? And can Thornton convince Vara to put past heartache behind her and trust in God’s plan for her heart?

Join Vara and Thornton in USA Today Bestselling Author JoAnn Durgin’s latest release full of her trademark humor, romance, and lively, small town characters in a story of God’s fierce passion (and guidance) for His children…if we only pay attention. The Valentine Verse is for any season of the year and sure to warm your soul!