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Prelude – Prequel to The Lewis Legacy Series

Prelude by JoAnn Durgin

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On April 24, 1962, U.S. Air Force Captain Samuel J. Lewis returns home to small Rockbridge, Texas. Six years older, Sam is the boy who moved four houses down when Sarah Jordan was ten. A teenager who nicknamed her Tomboy and teased her like an older brother. That boy is now a handsome military man who makes her heart race, but what does she know of love or life?

After his years away, Sam finds himself drawn to Sarah. The sassy, funny girl he used to tease has grown up into a beautiful charmer with wit and intelligence who challenges him like no other woman. Sarah’s frequent reminders that she’s leaving Rockbridge to attend nursing school, along with her encouragement to date other girls in town, unsettle him.

During the eventful summer of 1962, their friendship grows deeper and blossoms into love. Sam knows he can’t hold Sarah back from achieving her dreams. When an unexpected financial gift gives her the needed funds to enter nursing school, they face saying good-bye earlier than expected. Are Sam and Sarah destined to be together or go their separate ways?

The exciting prequel to the popular contemporary Christian romance series, The Lewis Legacy Series, Prelude is the love story of Samuel J. Lewis and Sarah Jordan, parents to the core character of the series. Prelude lends insights into the Lewis family history in this heartfelt story of family, friendship, and love. A story of never letting go of our dreams, and how faith, sacrifice, and trusting our lives to the Lord’s guidance will always triumph over our human fears and temptations.

Awakening – Book #1

Awakening by JoAnn Durgin Buy No

TeamWork director Sam Lewis isn’t sure what to think of his newest volunteer. She’s feisty, witty, and incredibly pretty, but looks more prepared to board a cruise ship than build houses. Burned by a past betrayal, he’s got a job to do, a reputation to uphold. Sam can’t afford to be distracted by a woman who attracts animals, defies his rules, finds trouble at every turn and questions God’s purpose. But when she tumbles from the top beam of one of the houses into his arms, Sam suspects his life will never be the same.

During their weeks together in the TeamWork camp, Sam and Lexa learn the power of forgiveness and healing. Enduring a chain of incidents which challenge their faith, trust and growing relationship, they look to the Lord for guidance as together they discover a love greater than either could ever imagine.

At the end of the eight-week work camp, Sam is committed to a year-long, dangerous overseas mission for TeamWork. Can Lexa trust the Lord enough to let him go? Will Sam safely return and keep his promise to meet her at The Alamo? You’ll keep turning the pages of this sweeping romantic adventure. With great characters, plenty of humor, enough emotion to make you shed a tear or two, and a happy ending that will have you cheering, Awakening will leave you breathless. Hold on tight. The adventures of Lewis and Clarke have only just begun!

Second Time Around – Book #2
Second Time Around by JoAnn Durgin Buy No

 Marc Thompson is on top of the worlda newlywed with a beautiful wife, the owner of a thriving Boston sports advertising agency, and a century-old home they’re renovating in the suburbs. Then the unthinkable happens. Two months after the wedding, Marc sits in a hospital emergency waiting room after Natalie suffers a horrible fall. One shock follows another. Not only does his wife remember nothing of their life together, but now he has a personal timeline to reconnect with herseven months.Marc’s gold wedding band mocks him, a glaring reminder of a promise broken by a rotting basement stair and his own negligence. His renowned psychologist advises him to court his wife againa daunting task the first time around.

Then Marc’s pastor suggests he call Sam and Lexa Lewis of TeamWork Missions, a ministry dear to Natalie’s heart. Determined to help her reclaim her life, the young groom makes great strides until a ghost from the past surfaces, opening fresh wounds and threatening to destroy it all.With Natalie’s trust shattered and Marc’s faith wavering, they head to Milestone Ranch outside Helena, Montana, with TeamWork for a two-week work camp. But instead of romancing his wife in the freezing November temperatures with warm fires and shared sweet moments, he’s out in the cold and back at square one. Even if Natalie recovers her lost memories, will she forgive him? If not, can Marc come to terms with his deepest fearthe failure of his marriage?

You’ll root for Marc and Natalie as they fight against the odds and discover that surrendering all at the throne of grace doesn’t mean failure. It’s simply called faith. And it might be the only way to finding their way back to one another . . . the Second Time Around.

Twin Hearts – Book #3
Twin Hearts by JoAnn Durgin Buy No

Joshua Grant is a man redeemed. He’s worked hard to put the past behind him. A mergers and acquisitions attorney in a prestigious Baton Rouge law firm, he pours his energies into his career, hurricane relief efforts, and numerous civic and charitable causes. A near-fatal event in the life of a fellow TeamWork Missions volunteer prompts him to make some apologies, starting with his friend and mentor, Sam Lewis, Domestic Missions Director for TeamWork in Houston.

It’s been more than four years since the fateful events in San Antonio when Sam threw him out of the missions camp, and he’s still haunted by the bittersweet memory of his final meeting with another TeamWork volunteer. When he also seeks her forgiveness, Josh gets the shock of his life. Could turning his deepest sin into his greatest blessing be God’s answer for his hurting heart?Rebekah Grant, Josh’s twin sister, is torn between two men. Adam, a dashing British aristocrat, offers her a world of exotic travel, socializing with royalty, fabulous couture and the life of leisure. Then there’s sweet Kevin, the strong, intelligent, faithful TeamWork member. Will the shy Louisiana lumber man ever take the step of faith to move their relationship to the next level? What Kevin lacks in terms of Adam’s style and panache, he more than makes up for with heart-stirring kisses and soul-searching conversation.

When Rebekah suspects Adam is planning to propose a second time, she knows it’s time to make her decision. Juggling both suitors is wrong for so many reasons, but what’s a girl to do if she wants to marry and have children in her lifetime?When family tragedy strikes, Josh and Rebekah learn the true meaning and value of love, loyalty and what’s most important in life.

Leaning on the encouragement and support from Sam and Lexa Lewis and their TeamWork friends, both twins look to the Lord for His divine guidance. It’s up to them to stake their claim on love before it slips beyond their reach, which means it’s also time for a road trip from Louisiana to . . . the peace to be found in seeking and finding the sweetest desires of the heart.  Twin Hearts.

Daydreams – Book #4
Daydreams by JoAnn Durgin

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It’s early December 2002, and Amy Jacobsen is living the dream: a job she loves with a trendy New York City magazine, a Manhattan walk-up inherited from her grandfather, and a busy social life without the unwanted complication of a steady boyfriend.

During dinner one evening with her Wall Street financier brother, Mitch, she spies Landon Warnick at the next table. He’s one of the most influential, successful and youngest magazine publishers in the country—not to mention one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. After Mitch wrangles a meeting between the two, Landon wastes little time asking her to dinner. Usually wary of smooth men and romantic entanglements, Amy questions her sanity when they share a cozy carriage ride in Central Park and she comes this close to kissing him. Is it the joy and wonder of the Christmas season that’s put stars in her eyes or the enigmatic, intelligent, challenging and incredibly handsome man?

The following weekend, she travels to Louisiana to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and a reunion with Sam and Lexa Lewis and some of her dearest friends and fellow volunteers in TeamWork Missions. Headed down the aisle at the wedding, Amy’s steps falter. Standing at the front is a groomsman who flew into town only an hour before. . . She does a double take. What’s Landon Warnick doing in her world, with her friends? Perhaps more important, why does he suddenly have a Texas drawl and a crescent-shaped scar on his forehead? Sharing a romantic dance at the wedding reception, she casts aside her better judgment and kisses him. She’s lost her mind, and her heart might not be far behind, it seems.

Let the adventure begin! Is the Lord showing her the “right” man for her heart or is Amy in way over her head? Find out in Daydreams.


Moonbeams – Book #5

Moonbeams by JoAnn DurginBuy Now

Mitch Jacobsen’s younger sister, Amy Warnick, has tried to pair him off with her fellow TeamWork Missions volunteer, Cassie, for a couple of years. The tragic loss of his best friend on 9/11 left him floundering, but his life is finally back on track again. Established in his career, Mitch is no longer opposed to the idea of marriage, but there are a hundred reasons why a relationship with the lovely, Alabama-born Cassie will never work.

Cassandra Thorenson wants nothing to do with a man who spends his life working with money and contributing to corporate greed. She’s content with her life as a Houston caterer, and dating a powerful Wall Street broker—no matter how handsome, funny or compassionate—is the last thing she needs. So, why do her TeamWork friends seem so determined Mitch is God’s chosen mate for her? Surely, the Almighty must have a better plan.

When Amy invites Mitch to attend a TeamWork reunion at the Houston home of her friends, Sam and Lexa Lewis, he reluctantly accepts. During the eventful Valentine’s Day weekend, Mitch and Cassie discover they have more in common than they’d ever imagined but devise a scheme to turn the tables on all the matchmakers. Their plan quickly derails and sends the entire TeamWork crew reeling. Let the sparks and the tempers fly! Faced with circumstances they never expected, the pair is forced to confront past heartaches, the consequences of a rash decision, and an uncertain future. Can Cassie and Mitch find God’s will in the midst of the chaos they’ve created?

Moonbeams is a story of discovering God’s perfect will in the most unexpected ways.

Enchantment – Book #6

Enchantment by JoAnn DurginBuy Now

Sam and Lexa Lewis and their TeamWork Missions volunteers are together again! A two-week mission brings them to New Mexico—the Land of Enchantment—as they work on a church building alongside their new friends in the One Nation under God congregation of Native American Christians. Outside forces, both unseen and overt, impede and threaten their efforts. But with faith to guide them, and the strong bonds of friendship to sustain them, the crew faces the challenges together as they persevere for the Lord’s glory.

Eliot Marchand hopes the mission in Albuquerque will finally give him the opportunity to pursue a relationship with the beautiful Marta Holcomb. With his dangerous assignments around the globe, and little time to spend with her, is a relationship worth the risk to both their hearts?

Successful business owner Dean Costas wants to get to know the lovely Sheila Morris better, but his court-appointed charge, Felipe Hernandez, might cause trouble after he takes a liking to Sheila’s pretty 14-year-old daughter, Angelina. Will Dean have time to romance the shy widow or will they need to focus their energies on chaperoning the teenagers?

Bringing together every couple and familiar characters from the previous books in The Lewis Legacy Series—including the TeamWork children—Enchantment will sweep you away! Love is in the air, so join the fun with the crew for Albuquerque’s International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, a one-of-a-kind TeamWork Talent Show, revelations and updates in the lives of the close-knit crew, the introduction of one new TeamWork volunteer, and even a surprise visit from two beloved characters.

Enchantment. Visit with old friends, make new ones, and fall in love all over again!


Abide – Book #7

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Catherine “Caty” Lewis is thrilled to be home again with her family and friends. After working as a chief accountant for a multinational oil corporation in Dallas and then Lubbock the past five years, she’s been transferred to their new world headquarters in downtown Houston. Before she can even inhabit her new office, she schedules a private meeting with the reclusive founder and CEO. Someone in her division appears to be embezzling funds, and Caty prays she’s not the prime suspect.

After suffering a deeply personal loss, Caleb Reid is struggling to raise his precocious twelve-year-old daughter, Lauren, on his own. He moved to Houston for a fresh start and to escape the threats that have plagued him the past few years. Then quickly discovers he can’t outrun them.

When these two meet, romantic sparks fly. Caty stares down fear with the kind of strong faith Caleb has neglected along the way. Can he risk endangering Caty in his fight against an unseen threat? Have the walls he’s built around him and his daughter served to protect them or to keep others from getting too close to his heart?

ABIDE. An enduring love story between a man and a woman. A story of standing firmly on God’s promises, never giving into fear, and placing our trust in the One who is infinitely more capable.

Pursuit – Book #8

Pursuit by JoAnn Durgin

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From the time he was a little boy, all Will Lewis wanted to do was ride a rocket ship to the stars. Now, more than three decades later, NASA Commander William Jordan Lewis prepares to lead his STS-777 Pursuit shuttle crew on a six-week mission to the International Space Station.
Nothing and no one will interfere with his single-minded purpose…until four months before his mission, Will meets the girl next door, a petite beauty with a southern accent and a masculine-sounding name who challenges and completely captivates him.
Dalton Smith isn’t sure what to make of her very tall, space-obsessed—and annoyingly handsome—astronaut neighbor. Her career as a contemporary Christian vocalist is beginning to soar, and she has no time for a romantic relationship. But Commander Lewis captures her attention and won’t let go.
From USA Today Bestselling Author, JoAnn Durgin, join the journey in Pursuit, the eighth installment of the beloved Lewis Legacy Series as Commander Lewis discovers how one person’s faith can change the world.

Roundabout – Book #9

Roundabout by JoAnn Durgin

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At 17, Jensen Callahan fled her small hometown of Justis, Texas, the night her daddy was murdered. From the wrong side of the tracks, and with lingering suspicions but no answers, Jensen found a safe haven with a kindly Christian widow in Houston. Thirteen years later, Jensen finally feels settled and content as a faithful TeamWork Missions volunteer and the office manager for Doyle-Clarke Catering. When Sloan McClain walks into the office to hire the caterers for the West Texas Independent Cattlemen’s Association annual dinner, her carefully guarded life is thrown into turmoil. One meeting is all it takes for Jensen to know the tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome cattle rancher—her first love and the boy she left behind in Justis—still holds her heart.

As his late father’s only child and heir, Sloan McClain now operates the family’s thriving cattle ranch and controls their vast oil interests and mineral rights. But for all his many blessings, Sloan’s days are empty and incomplete without a wife to share his life and raise a family. He’s never forgotten Jensen Callahan, the long-legged, golden-eyed blonde beauty he’d dated against his father’s wishes. He’d loved her, and no woman since has compared. After Jensen disappeared, he vowed to find her and bring her home one day, but each time he’d gotten close, she’d managed to slip away. Sloan refused to accept the heartbreaking possibility that she never wanted to be found, never wished to return.

All Sloan wants is a second chance with his first love, but he understands Jensen desperately needs closure about what happened to her father that fateful night in Justis. Together they begin to work toward finding answers as they renew their tentative and fragile relationship. But once they discover the truth, will it set them free or tear them apart forever?

From USA Today Bestselling Author, JoAnn Durgin, the beloved Lewis Legacy Series continues with Sloan McClain and Jensen Callahan in Roundabout. A story of first love, forever love, and the peace, forgiveness, and grace that can only come from a personal relationship with our merciful and loving God.

Let Your Light Shine- Book #10

Let Your Light Shine by JoAnn Durgin

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From USA Today Bestselling Author, JoAnn Durgin, the beloved Lewis Legacy Series continues with a heartwarming, full-length novel for the Christmas season! Let Your Light Shine, Lewis Legacy 10, offers readers an intimate glimpse into the lives of two key TeamWork couples and their families in Texas, fifteen years after the fateful TeamWork Missions camp in San Antonio.

Sam and Lexa Lewis look forward to a quiet Christmas with their family in Houston. They’ve tackled many challenges together, but when their personal world is rocked by a potentially life-changing diagnosis, they arm themselves with prayer, knowledge, and the support of their closest family and friends.

In Austin, Josh Grant is settling well into his role as lieutenant governor while Winnie juggles expectations as the wife of an elected official along with professional demands and a busy homelife. Instead of the private family Christmas they’d anticipated, new revelations stir up old insecurities and threaten everything they’ve built together.

With developments that set the stage for the remaining two books in the series, Let Your Light Shine revisits the lives of the TeamWork family while delving into the deep bonds of love, family, and abiding friendship. A powerful and emotional read, and told with the author’s customary humor, the faith-filled pages of this latest installment of the Lewis Legacy Series remind us that while life doesn’t always go as planned, our trials and detours can often lead to the sweetest blessings of all from the  heavenly Father of lights.

Underground – Book #11

Underground by author JoAnn Durgin

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Sought-after portrait artist, Gayle Ferrari, travels to England to explore the sights with her friends and mentors, Sam and Lexa Lewis, and their four children. On the day after her arrival in London, she rushes to the aid of a darling little boy in the Piccadilly Circus Underground station. Then finds herself in an unexpected confrontation with the child’s father, a handsome Englishman as irritating as he is confusing. Gayle’s instincts prompt her to wish them well and walk away, so why does the father-son duo tug on her heartstrings and refuse to let go?

Investment banker Pearson Sutcliffe’s carefully ordered life is a muddled mess. His career hovers on the brink of disaster, and his seven-year-old son, Simon, hasn’t spoken a word in three years when the brave actions of a beautiful American woman on an Underground platform confound him. He’s never met anyone who speaks so freely of a loving, forgiving God and seems reliant on Him—to the point where she only gives Pearse her first name and leaves a second meeting up to the Almighty. Could the feisty, passionate Gayle be mental, or could faith be the answer to the discontent in his life?

Taking matters into his own hands, Pearse seeks her out, and the two forge a tentative friendship. Although neither can deny their growing attraction, there are insurmountable stumbling blocks to a forever love. Add a cast of lively Londoners, a dash of intrigue and mystery, and it’s a recipe for an unforgettable adventure in London!

Assurance – Book #12

Assurance by JoAnn Durgin

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Carson Lewis lives in the shadow of his two older brothers. Kind of hard not to when one is a NASA hero who changed the world. Busy with his church ministry for the past decade, Carson pushed love to the back burner. Everything changes when beautiful Karina Delgado—who also works as an event planner for his sister-in-law Lexa’s catering company—volunteers at the same downtown Houston youth center. He’s more than smitten, but as Carson learns more about the intensely private Karina, he discovers a soul deeply wounded by a past more complicated than he could ever imagine.

Karina Delgado’s career as a principal ballerina ended the night she was dropped onstage. Determined not to allow the injury to steal her joy, she finds deep satisfaction in teaching teenage girls at the inner-city center. She’s drawn to the handsome and persistent Carson Lewis, but she knows he won’t stick around once he uncovers the secret heartache she carries.

Angelina Morris has been best friends with Felipe Hernandez ever since she first met him on the eventful TeamWork mission in New Mexico a decade ago. Felipe’s never been shy about expressing his desire for a romantic relationship with her, but so far, she’s put him off. When he begins to distance himself and exhibits subtle changes, Angelina knows she needs to make a commitment or risk losing him.

Felipe Hernandez practically raised himself from the time he was a teenager. The former juvenile delinquent is now an ambitious San Antonio police officer. When he gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he’s chomping at the bit to get started. The only problem is, he can’t tell anyone, including Angelina Morris, the woman he’s loved for years. He’s suddenly stuck between two worlds without a clue how to navigate both.

Assurance. A story of self-discovery and seeking God’s will. A tale with twists and turns. A story of finding love and enduring personal loss. A book that will make you laugh and cry. An engaging novel whose characters and stories will stay with you long after you turn the last page.