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Underground- Book #11

Underground by author JoAnn Durgin
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Sought-after portrait artist, Gayle Ferrari, travels to England to explore the sights with her friends and mentors, Sam and Lexa Lewis, and their four children. On the day after her arrival in London, she rushes to the aid of a darling little boy in the Piccadilly Circus Underground station. Then finds herself in an unexpected confrontation with the child’s father, a handsome Englishman as irritating as he is confusing. Gayle’s instincts prompt her to wish them well and walk away, so why does the father-son duo tug on her heartstrings and refuse to let go?

Investment banker Pearson Sutcliffe’s carefully ordered life is a muddled mess. His career hovers on the brink of disaster, and his seven-year-old son, Simon, hasn’t spoken a word in three years when the brave actions of a beautiful American woman on an Underground platform confound him. He’s never met anyone who speaks so freely of a loving, forgiving God and seems reliant on Him—to the point where she only gives Pearse her first name and leaves a second meeting up to the Almighty. Could the feisty, passionate Gayle be mental, or could faith be the answer to the discontent in his life?

Taking matters into his own hands, Pearse seeks her out, and the two forge a tentative friendship. Although neither can deny their growing attraction, there are insurmountable stumbling blocks to a forever love. Add a cast of lively Londoners, a dash of intrigue and mystery, and it’s a recipe for an unforgettable adventure in London!