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The Treasured Vow Series

Thee Will I Cherish – Treasured Vow Series, Book #1

Thee Will I Cherish by JoAnn Durgin Buy Now

Armed with her MBA degree, Gabriella Martin is ready to face the world. She’s gained valuable experience the past year as the interim CFO of her parents’ highly successful Choose Me! Christian marriage ministry, but is that what she’s destined to do the rest of her career? While she considers her options, Gabriella returns home to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of her native Virginia. What she doesn’t count on is running into her childhood friend Harley nearly everywhere she goes, especially since he suddenly seems more ruggedly handsome and irresistibly charming than ever.

A master woodworker and furniture builder, Harley Goodwin has always been “just friends” with Gabriella Martin from the time they were kids. While she’s home in Meadowvale trying to figure out her future direction, Harley prays he can finally win her heart. He might not have a fancy college degree, but he’s built a solid, flourishing career and is financially stable. As determined as Harley is to earn Gabriella’s love, she seems to suffer the misconception that he’s dated every other eligible girl in town, and she’s the last woman standing. During the long and hazy days of summer, can Harley convince this stubborn beauty she’s the only woman he’s ever loved and that Gabriella needs to stay in Meadowvale permanently and make a life, home, and family with him?

Thee Will I Cherish is the first in the new three-book Treasured Vow Series from USA Today Bestselling Author, JoAnn Durgin, featuring the stories of Gabriella, Matt, and Aubrey Martin. Although they’re the children of renowned Christian marriage experts, these three siblings need a little guidance from the Lord as well as their friends and family to help them navigate relationships and love.

Thee Will I Cherish

Thee Will I Honor – Treasured Vow Series, Book #2

Thee Will I Honor by JoAnn Durgin Buy Now

After serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Matthew Henry Martin, returns to Meadowvale, his beloved hometown nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Wounded in a roadside IED attack that killed two of his comrades, Matt’s devastating leg injury ended his military aspirations. At 25, he’s earned his degree but unemployed and facing a move back into his childhood home. Surely God has a higher purpose and plan for his future?

Lesley Ann Randall is a woman on a deeply personal mission. A small Virginia town is the last place her older sister, First Lieutenant Faith Randall, was spotted. Could a sleek red Mercedes hold the clue to her whereabouts? When Lesley speeds into Meadowvale, she immediately captures the attention of the sheriff, the pastor, and a handsome war veteran with secrets of his own.

When these two join forces, will they discover something greater than they could ever have imagined?

In this second book in The Treasured Vow Series, join the adventure with Matt and Lesley as they navigate romance, mystery, adventure, and cutting edge issues ripped from today’s headlines—all within the pages of an inspirational novel with heart and humor celebrating faith, family, and love.

Thee Will I Love – Treasured Vow Series, Book #3

Thee Will I Love by author JoAnn Durgin Buy Now

Aubrey Martin left Meadowvale, Virginia, not long after her brother’s wedding. Almost three years later, she’s coming home again to her beloved little town in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley. Her first order of business? Find a job and discover God’s calling for her life. Why should she be surprised when the first face she sees after she blows back into town belongs to the handsome, widowed sheriff?

Sheriff Huck Davidson thought Aubrey left Meadowvale in her dust forever when she’d hauled out of town without so much as a goodbye. His prayers to erase the blonde beauty from his heart and mind have gone unanswered. The way Huck sees it, he has two options. He could move to another community in the county, but he’s reluctant to yank his teenage daughter, Adley, away from the town they’ve both come to love. The other option has the potential to break his heart a second time, but it’s a risk Huck’s willing to take if it means keeping Aubrey in their lives forever.