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Portrait – Book #1

Portrait by JoAnn Durgin

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Once upon a time, when she believed in fairy tales, ten-year-old Lianna Chandler had a dream. As the princess of a faraway land, she stood by the shoreline at sunset as her prince galloped toward her on a magnificent white horse. Now, sixteen years later and happily prince-less, Lianna co-manages an art gallery and is a promising portrait artist in the charming land of Carmel-by-the-Sea. When she meets Evan Michaels, a man who embodies the handsome prince of her childhood dream, can she move away from past heartbreak to embrace her own happily ever after?

Evan Michaels learned early on that life wouldn’t hand him anything. Using his fists and street smarts, he fought his way out of a bad childhood to make his own way in the world. With divine help, he’s now a partner in an international shipping firm based in San Francisco. Although he’s proven himself to the world, something is still missing. When he meets the beautiful Lianna Chandler, Evan believes he’s found the woman of his dreams…until he takes a phone call that could change everything. Will the secrets and shame of Evan’s past come tumbling down around them, leaving their love in ashes?

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Lewis Legacy Series and The Treasured Vow Series, Portrait is Book One in The Grantham-Michaels Series. An enchanting novel, you’ll be quickly drawn into this deeply etched and vividly drawn story filled with multifaceted and complex characters whose lives intersect in unexpected and fascinating ways which could only be woven together by a loving heavenly Father.